2 Ensuring Hand Hygiene Compliance – The Role of New Technology10/12/2016 8:50:10 AM

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¤ How businesses and regulators have tried to solve the problem so farWhy hand hygiene is so important

As an industry, we’ve known for a long time that when workers contact food with their hands it’s potentially a major mechanism by which pathogens can contaminate food. Indeed, studies have shown that improper food handling practices can contribute to approximately 97% of foodborne illnesses in food-service establishments1.

This is a big danger to public health, in some cases causing fatalities. It can also cause huge damage to both national economies and businesses. Recent studies suggest that the cost of food borne illness in the USA alone could be as much as $152 billion annually2 and this is a picture that’s reflected all around the world.

Clearly, hand hygiene is a massive concern in the field of food safety and can cause big problems to economies, brand reputations and health. What’s also clear is that measures put in place across the industry as a whole have so far been inadequate. In this article, we explore how new remote monitoring technology can help mitigate the risk.

Fuente: GFSI Board

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